Today was the day,
To read and to pray,
To learn something smart,
Not trivia, fun fact,
Much deeper than that
Seek growth for this soul
Right after one more
TV commercial

Today was the day,
To trim the fat,
I’m sure most of you
Agree with the fact
A less rotund body,
With less belly fat
Makes for good viewing
Both from front and back
But first,
I have one last snack

Today was the day,
To venture at love,
No more leering,
From far, or above,
Maybe it is yes,
Maybe it is no,
It will probably hurt,
But I will know
But first,
do I really want to know?

Today was the day,
We apply for a job,
No more to be
A broke lazy slob,
With Cover Letter,
And gilded CV
Today was
But first,
can I get out of bed?

 First Published onthe storymoja festival blog