Some things Just Do Not Add Up

Many work hard, for their daily keep
The sweat of the brow, for something to eat
Some reap plenty, some get nothing
In spite of the outcome, some choose to laugh,
In spite of results, some opt to cry
With little or plenty, some simply sit,
And I wonder why

One makes a promise, truthful sincere
Gold and silver, I have none he said
Trust and integrity, I give you instead
One pours out money, without any fear
An honest display, of sheer dishonesty
At the end of the day
They wanted the money, what do we say?
F*ck tomorrow, cash me now instead

Some things illegal, we do with abandon,
The legal we don’t do, except if we have to
We will chase after, the sweetest of lies
The deepest of truths, we compromise
Some Things just don’t add up!

As First published on the storymoja festival Blog

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